What Do I Get My Kid Instead Of A Pet?

If you are a parent, chances are your child has (or eventually will) ask about getting a pet of some kind. While this is a completely normal desire for any kid, as a parent you may find it out of the question for the time being. This situation may lead to you ask the question, what should I get my kid instead of a pet?

While older kids may be able to take “no” for an answer, it may be hard for you to resist the adorable face of your 5 year old. Thankfully, there are actually many great gift ideas or alternatives to pets for your child. In this article, we will give you a long list of great gift ideas to satisfy your child’s need for a furry friend!

Animal Plushes

Gifting your kid an animal plush is a great pet alternative for younger children. Kids with more vivid imaginations will have an easier time imagining and playing pretend, and will likely be satisfied with their new friend for the time being. There are some adorable stuffed animals on the market that look very cute or realistic, as well as come in a variety of different animals.

Lifelike Siberian Husky Stuffed Animal

Huskies are an adorable dog that is becoming more and more popular lately. If your child really wants a husky, you may be able to satisfy them with super cute lifelike stuffed animal. This toy measures 12 inches length-wise, so it is just big enough to play and cuddle with.

Plush Dog House Five Stuffed Animal Dogs

This adorable dog house provides your child with not just one cute pretend pet, but five! This play set includes one soft plush dog house, and five cute puppies, including a Dalmatian, poodle, cocker spaniel, rottweiler, and yellow lab. Check out this cute gift idea for your dog loving child.

Bearington Callie Plush Stuffed Animal Calico Cat

If your child really wants a cat, this life-like calico cat plus may be the answer for you! This cute cat measures 15 inches long, making a great substitute for the real deal. Check out this cute gift idea for your cat lover child.

Plush Cat House With Stuffed Animal Cats

Check out this cute litter of plush kittens! These adorable little cats would make a great gift idea for your kid who can’t get enough of cats. This set includes one soft plush cat house, and five little plush kittens in a variety of colors. Check out this cute cat play set.

13.5″ Sea Turtle Stuffed Animal With Babies

Does your child love turtles? While it isn’t a super common pet, prehaps your child was really wanting a turtle. Well this would make a great gift idea for you! This set includes one large turtle that stores three cute baby turtles inside. Check out this cute gift idea for your child.

Kids Toys Talking Hamster

Perhaps your kid wanted a pet hamster? This cute plush hamster does more than sit and look cute, but it also talks! This plush hamster will repeat what your child says in a cute little voice. Check out this cute toy that is sure to keep your child entertained for a little while!

Pillow Pets 19″ Ladybug

Pillow pets have long been a classic stuffed toy for many years. If your child wants a pets, perhaps you could gift them a cute pillow pet that can be taken anywhere! You can find pillow pets in all different style and character to fit your child’s desires.

Interactive Toys

While plush animals are cute and great for younger kids, children between the ages of 7 and 10 may be looking for something a little more interactive. In this section of our article we will discover some amazing interactive pet toys that will give kids the illusion of being a pet owner. Continue reading to discover some awesome gift ideas:

Contixo R4 IntelliPup Robot Dog

This incredible kids toy will change the way your child plays pretend. This robot dog has many different features; such as dancing, walking, voice recognition, touch sensors, etc. This robot puppy is an amazing alternative to the real deal.

The Original Tamagotchi Digital Pet

Tamagotchi is coming back! This classic little digital pet that was popular in the 90’s is still being a great pet simulator today. This small device gives the illusion of owning your on cte little pet. Get one for your kid today!

Owleez Flying Baby Owl 

This adorable flying baby owl toy is sure to entertain your kids for hours! This toy can be taught to “fly”, as well as make sounds and lights. This toy is also responsive to touch, and is very similar to a Furby. Check out this cute kids toy.

Interactive Moving Cat Toy 

This is another life-like cat alternative for your kid that is child friendly. This cat will walk, meow, and way its tail as you press a button. This is a cute birthday or Christmas gift for your child who really wants a cat.

Talking Stuffed Parrot

If your child is a devoted bird lover, chances are they will love this talking stuffed parrot. This plush bird will repeat what you say as well as move its head and wings. Check out this cute interactive talking stuffed parrot.

Companion Pets Golden Pup Lifelike & Realistic

If you child isn’t easily impressed by plush pet toys, perhaps they will prefer this ultra-realistic golden retriever puppy. This cute stuffed animal makes realistic moves and sounds that is sure to bring companionship and comfort to kids of all ages.

Liberty Imports Singing & Chirping Bird Toy in Cage

This is another great gift idea for kids who love birds. This is a realistic looking bird in a cage who makes realistic sounds and movements. This cage can be hung in your childs room so it can watch in wonder at this cute bird does it thing.

Orange Tabby Cat Interactive Pets

This is another great realistic interactive pet that you child may enjoy. This is a cute orange tabby cat that makes realistic movements and sounds, as well as purring. This is a cute gift idea that pet loving kids may be to be a suitable alternative to the real deal.

Hasbro Furby Connect Friend

Furbies have been popular for many, many years, however than are making a comeback lately. If your child is looking for a furry friend to spend their days with, this Furby is perfect for doing just that! This furby has over 180 animations and surprises. Check out this cute toy option.

Pet Play Sets

While your kid may enjoy a toy pet, sometimes kids want a little more play. By purchasing your kid a pet play set, they have more fun with extra toys and pretend pieces to spark their imagination and creativity. Check out some of these really cute pet pretend plays.

New Sprouts Puppy Care Play Set

This is a small but cute puppy playset for young children. This cute little set includes one plush puppy, a pet bed, a feeding bowl, brush, food container, and dog bone. This would make great gift idea for kids ages 1-3.

Melissa & Doug Tote & Tour Pet Travel Play Set

This is another really cute pet playset for kids, This is a pet travel kit, and includes many different toys as well as a cute pet tote. Check out this great gift idea for pet loving kids.

Melissa & Doug Feeding & Grooming Pet Care

This grooming and feeding play set is great for kids ages 5 and up. This set includes two little stuffed animals, dog food, grooming toys, food bowls, etc. Check out this super cute pet care toy set.

Little Tikes Vet Toys for Kids 

This is a super cute vet toy for kids! This is a cute setup that your kids may like in their play space, for them to care for their stuffed animals. This vet set has many accessories and toys that kids will love to play with for hours.

Melissa & Doug Examine and Treat Pet Vet Play Set

This is a smaller kids toy vet set that is easier to take to playdates or store around the house, This is a really cute playset that pet loving kids are sure to love.