14 Thoughtful Sympathy Gifts Other Than Flowers

If you know someone that has recently lost a loved one, your first response would most likely be to give them a gift of some sort to show your grief over their loss. Most people will send a bouquet or a potted plant. However, you may be looking for sympathy gifts other than flowers.

Some simple sympathy gifts instead of flowers ideas include taking them some baked goods such as cookies or a cake, making a memory book with pictures of the person they lost, offer to help with cleaning or cooking. Each of these is a more personal gift idea than a traditional bouquet.

Continue reading to find out how you can have a more personal and unique approach to giving sympathy gifts other than flowers. 

Unique Gifts to Send For Sympathy

Adult Coloring Book

Coloring books are a great way to relieve stress and distract you from your recent loss. This is a great idea for both adults and kids that have lost a loved one. Something as simple as an adult coloring book and some colored pencils can brighten someone’s day and give them a small escape from everything around them. 

“In Loving Memory” Sympathy Picture Frame

Giving your grieving friend or relative a memorial photo frame is a perfect way to give tribute to a passed loved one. This frame will have a personalized inscription of the gift of life. You can also add a picture of the lost loved one if you like. 

Chocolate Truffle Tower

A sweet treat is a sure way to help relax and deter your thoughts from the recent passing of a loved one. Giving this small chocolate truffle box gift to the grieving in your life is the perfect way to show you are thinking of them in their time of sorrow. 

Memorial Wind Chime

A wind chime is a beautiful piece that is perfect for a memorial gift. You can get a memorial wind chime with a personalized message written on it that will encourage and brighten up the grieving's day. You can get them in many colors and designs that are perfect for any person you wish to purchase one for. 

Best Sympathy Food Gifts

Comfort Food Gift Basket

This is a warm and comforting food that is sure to cheer up the grieving person in your life. Making your family member or friend that is in a time of grief a warm bowl of soup is the perfect way to show sensitivity to their situation. 

Disposable Food Tray

Making a warm meal for your friends or family is a great way to help them in a time of need and grief. When going through loss the last thing you think about is meals, so this is a big help to a large family or a single person who lives alone. Also, give them their meal in disposable pans and dishes so that they don’t have to worry about washing to get dishes back to you.

Meet & Cheese Memorial Sympathy Gift Basket

Bringing someone in a time of grief a food tray is a great way to leave them some snacks to help them during the busy time of losing a loved one. Sending cheese, veggie, fruit, or meat trays is a good way to help them with simple meals that can be eaten easily with no preparation. 

Basket Good Gift Tray

Sweet treats are perfect for those going through a time of loss. Baking cookies, brownies, or other goodies are a personal and kind way to give to those who are going through grief. You could even make a basket of different baked goods and sweet concoctions.

Sympathy Basket Gifts 

Gourmet Popcorn Bundle

Here is a great idea for a gift basket you could buy or assemble for the grieving in your life. Using different flavored or colored gourmet popcorn you can make a large assembled basket of popcorn to brighten a friend or loved one’s day. 

Household Cleanliness Sympathy Gift Basket

Thinking of you basket. This basket can hold anything that you would think would help your family or friends in their time of need and grief. You could put small snacks, or even household items such as tissues, soap, or cleaning clothes. 

Gourmet Fresh Fruit Sympathy Gift Basket

Fruit baskets are great for a quick and healthy snack for the grieving in your life. They are also beautiful centerpieces for a table or house and will bring a bright feeling into an empty home. You could also add chocolate to your fruit basket to bring another level of comfort. 

Homemade Bereavement Gifts

Basket Goods Box

A great homemade gift for those in a time of grief is some kind of baked goods. Making cookies, brownies, or another kind of sweet treat is sure to brighten a friend or loved one’s day. 

Custom Memorial Plaque

Making a DIY plaque or picture frame is the perfect idea to show love in a time of loss. Use a piece of wood or plain picture frame and decorate it. You can then place a tribute or picture to the lost loved one. This idea is a sensitive way to show support in a time of grief. 

DIY T-Shirt Pillow Book

Here is a great way way to make a tribute gift for those who are in a time of loss. If you are someone that is apart or close to the family of the departed, you may be able to make a t-shirt pillow using an old piece of clothing from the departed. This same idea could be used to make a quilt or blanket. This is a great way to have your loved one’s memory last for a long time.