Veterans Day Gift Ideas for Employees

Getting a Veterans day gift for your veteran employees is a great idea! These are some great ideas for small and DIY Veterans gifts.

If you want to get a Veteran’s Day gift for your employees, here are some great ideas that you can use to get your employees some gifts of appreciation for their time of service in the US military.

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Small Veterans Day Gift Ideas

USA Pens. This is something small but also something that your employees will use. You can also get them fairly cheap. Pens are a simple and small gifts that are practical and everyone one will use them! Click Here to Check Availability

Patriotic ribbons. These patriotic ribbons with gold stars are a great small gifts for your employees on Veterans day. They can wear them or display them proudly on Veterans Day and around other national holidays. Click Here to Check Availability

Bullet glass. Most veterans will get a kick out of a glass similar to this that they can display or use if they want. It has a really unique look to it and makes for a fun gag gift. You might be able to find something like this at a local store as well. Click Here to Check Availability

DIY Veterans Day Gift Ideas

Sweet treats. An easy way to give a special gift to your employees on Veterans day is to make some colored treats that are red white and blue. You can get the supplies for making these treats in local stores and also on Amazon.

Army man. This is a cute way to give your employees a veterans day gifts. A special saying to express your thankfulness for their services is a meaningful way to show your gratitude. All you need is a tub of army men and you’ve got an easy DIY veterans day gift!

Get creative. There are a lot of great ideas out there for creative gift ideas. For example, you can make fun lanterns, sentimental thank yous, gifts of appreciation. and other ideas that will make the veterans feel special and appreciated.