Is It Appropriate To Give A Gift For An Eagle Scout Ceremony?

If you are to attend an Eagle Scout honors ceremony shortly, you may be wondering if it is appropriate to give scouts gifts. This seems to be a common question among adult volunteers who are new to the Eagle Scouts and how everything should be conducted.

The answer to this question is yes, it is appropriate to bring gifts at an Eagle Scout ceremony. However, it is not expected of you to bring a gift for anyone, but still appreciated and welcomed. Keep in mind that gifts are most common at important ceremonies where honors and medals are given out, but usually gifts are not expected for new members or other smaller occasions.

Now that you know that gift-giving is considered appropriate for Eagle Scout ceremonies, you may be curious about gift-giving etiquette in general. Continue reading throughout this article to determine what gifts you should, and shouldn’t give Eagle Scout members.

What Gifts Should NOT Be Given To Eagle Scouts?

Like any event or gift-giving occasion, some gifts just shouldn’t even be considered for giving at Eagle Scout ceremonies. Gift giving is a kind gesture that both parents and scouts are sure to appreciate as long as you are gifting something small and convenient.

While there are no rules or regulations as to what gifts cannot be given at an Eagle Scout ceremony (unless you have been personally given some to avoid), there are some gifts that aren’t very convenient. Here is our list of some of the gifts to avoid at an Eagle Scout court of honor ceremony:

  • Anything pricey. In most situations it is discouraged to spend a whole lot of money on gifts for scout members. Unless you know a member extremely well to know specifally what they would like as a gift, most gifts should be rather small and inexpensive. Small gifts are easier for members to take home with them, and are more appriciated and memorable than they may seem.

  • Pocket knives. Pocket knives have been popular gift ideas for Eagle Scouts for quite some time now, so it is likely that if they don’t already own quite a few, they will most likely be recieiving one from someone else anyways. Some people even like to personalize pocket knives as an gift idea, however this isn’t suggested unless you are a family member or that scout’s leader.

  • Food gifts. In some cases, small food or snack gift may be deemed appropriate. However, in most cases, snacks and drinks are provided at an Eagle Scout honors ceremony. Food can also be difficult if you are unaware of any allergies or food restructions the member has. So to be on the safe side, you may want to avoid food gifts unless you are close with the Eagle Scout member to know what they can have.

  • Knickknacks. Knickknacks are something that can make a nice little gift with a sentimental attachment, however they don’t make very practical gift ideas. When you consider what gifts to give, keep in mind whether or not they will just take up space in their home. Gifts should be practical and that make sense for that specific member.

What Gifts Should I Give Eagle Scouts?

While some gifts wouldn’t make sense to give an Eagle Scout member, there are make great gift ideas that we do recommend as good gift material. These gift ideas would be great coming from anyone, however more personalized gifts would be more meaningful from family or the member’s scout leader. Here is our list of some of the best gift ideas that will be the most appreciated by an Eagle Scout member:

  • Gift cards. Some of the most popular gift ideas for Eagle Scout members would be money or gift cards. Gift cards are great, as there are a wide variety to choose from. Some of the best choices would be to popular fast food spots, sports stores, Fandago, Amazon shopping, or money towards Google Play apps. These are just a few examples of the many great gift card options to choose from.

  • Cash. If you are unsure of what kind of gift card the Eagle Scout would even enjoy, cold hard cash would still be a great gift idea. Cash has been a popular gift idea for years, and is perfect if you don’t have a very close relationship with the scout in mind. You may also choose to give a nice card, or use a check instead that the scout’s parents can cash out.

  • Homemade gifts. Some of the most touching gift ideas for family or close friends to give to Eagle Scouts would be homemade and personalized gifts. Some examples of this would be homemade quilts or blankets, customized wooden plaques, hand carved items, etc. You can get really creative with so many handmade projects that will make touching gifts that scout members will appriciate for year to come.

  • Scouting accesories. There are many scouting related gift ideas that would be perfect for any Eagle Scout member. Gifts such as customized compasses, walking staves, Eagle Scout educational books, or other Eagle Scout branded memorabilia. These would make touching gifts that will be put to use and not just sit around the house.

How Much Money Should I Spend On An Eagle Scout Gift?

Once you have determined what gifts you should consider, as well as ones you should avoid, you may be wondering how much you should spend on your Eagle Scout gift in the first place. Keep in mind that while they are appreciated, gifts are not expected of you, so you shouldn’t worry about spending a certain amount of money on a member.

In most cases, a decent amount of money to spend on an Eagle Scout member would be around $20. Depending on what you choose to buy for the scout, you may end up spending anywhere between $20 and $50 on a gift. However, if you only choose to give cash or a gift card, $20 would an acceptable amount.

The amount of money you spend on a scout should be completely based on how much you want to spend. At the end of the day, you should spend the amount that feels right, and don’t worry about what you are expected to give. Reminder, gifts, and money are not expected of you to give in the first place.

Continue reading to check out our list of some of the best gift ideas for an Eagle Scout that would be great coming from family, close friends, or the member’s scout leader:

Aurelie & George Engraved Compass

This beautiful and inspirational engraved compass would make a long-lasting gift idea that would be perfect for an Eagle Scout. This compass is functional, however, you might want something a little less sentimental if your intention is for the member to use it. 

Eagle Scout American Stamp Collectible

This beautiful handmade frame describes the dedication of the history of the Eagle Scouts and includes actual US Postal stamps related to that topic. This frame would make a touching and beautiful gift idea that will be treasured for years to come.

Swiss Eagle Multi-Tool Army Knife

Looking for a practical gift that an Easy Scout is sure to make use of? This multi-tool has everything an Eagle Scout could possibly need when scouting. Check out this great gift idea for the scout in your life.

Legacy of Honor Eagle Scout Hardcover Book

This book is perfect for any Scout who loves to learn about the history of the Eagle Scouts and what they stand for. This book would make a great read and would provide any scout with the information they need that will stick with them all their lives.

Handmade Wood Art Eagle Box

This beautifully handmade USA eagle box is the perfect gift for any scout. This box can be used to hold badges, compasses, or other eagle-related memorabilia.

American Flag & Eagle Leather Journal Notebook

This leather-bound journal includes a free stylish gold pen and hidden pen holder – always handy to start writing in this cool dark brown journal. A useful jute bookmark keeps your place for the next time you open this journal notebook and a long leather strap wraps around it to secure it firmly when not in use.