9 New Year’s Gift Basket Ideas

 A fun way to celebrate the New Year is with a gift basket full of gifts for celebrating the new year and starting new resolutions! Get New Year’s gift basket ideas for celebrating the year to come. Get ideas that are tradtional, based on New Year’s resolutions, or even do-it-yourself ideas!

You can get custom-made New Year’s gift baskets or make your own filled with fun things to celebrate the New Year, support new years resolutions, and gifts. You could give a basket to the host of your New Year’s Eve party or to a family member who would enjoy the gift!

Continue reading for more New Year’s gift basket ideas that you can make yourself, support a New Year’s resolution, or for a New Year’s Eve theme. Do you have some ideas too? Feel free to share them in the comments below and we might even add them to our list! We would love to hear your new year’s gift basket ideas!

DIY New Year’s Gift Basket Ideas

If you’d like to make your own new year’s gift basket ideas, here are several ideas from Pinterest that you can get ideas from for your new year’s celebration! Make your own New Years gift basket with some of the fun ideas!

Party supplies gift basket

This is the perfect gift basket idea for a New Year’s Eve party host! Fill it with party hats, noisemakers, confetti poppers, streamers, and other different types of party supplies.

Sparkling chocolate gift basket

You can easily make your own New Years gift basket with various kinds and flavors of chocolate. Add in a bottle of champagne or sparkling grape juice for a New Year’s themed gift basket.

Party games basket

Add some fun activities to your New Year’s Eve party with find additions to this party games basket. Include things such as a fun banner and party supplies, new years questionnaire, balloons, card games, Pictionary, and other fun group games.

New Year’s Resolution Gift Basket

New Year’s when many people set their own new years resolutions and these are great gift basket ideas to help encourage their resolution. Check out these great new years resolutions gift basket ideas that are great for encouraging your friends or family members to keep their resolutions.

Fitness gift basket/box

Perhaps you know someone who has chosen to focus on fitness for their New Year’s resolution. You can purchase a protein food box on Amazon or collect your own protein snacks to fill a basket or box with.

Vegan or Vegetarian

Maybe you know someone who has decided to make the leap into being vegan or vegetarian in the new year. Sending a gift basket filled with dried or fresh fruit, nuts, popcorn, or any other vegan or vegetarian foods.

Self-care basket

For those who want to focus more on taking care of themselves, a spa basket is a great idea. This could also be a great idea for anyone who recently lost a loved one or experienced death. You can easily make your own basket with goods from a local health store or grocery store.

New Year’s Eve Themed Gift Basket

Perhaps you just want a traditional new years eave themed gift basket with all of the party favors and traditional new years eve staples. Here are some great ideas for your traditional new years eve gift basket! From party poppers to streamers and fun hats and glasses, these new years eve celebration gift baskets will provide great ideas!

Black, gold, and silver

Putting together a black, gold, and silver New Year’s party themed basket with all the party favors. Add a bottle of champagne or sparkling wine and you’ll have the perfect New Year’s Eve-themed gift basket.

New Year’s Eve party decor

This is a great idea for New Year’s party hosts and hostesses who will surely want to decorate with all the fancy balloons and banners. Check out these great party decor pieces here!

Party Poppers

It would be a lot of fun to bring a basket full of party poppers and noisemakers to your New Year’s Eve party to celebrate the ending of the year and the beginning of a new one! It wouldn’t be New Year’s Eve without these fun party poppers to ring in the new year!