32 Super Cool Gift Ideas for Bug Lovers

 No matter your age, insects and bugs are something people all around the world are fascinated by so I wanted to share some fun gift ideas for bug lovers. Some people find bugs to be pretty annoying, but others delight in watching them grow and live life. While some simply enjoy watching them fly about their backyard, others have decided to make a profession out of their bug watching hobby by becoming an Entomologist.

What is Entomology? According to Wikipedia, Entomology is the scientific study of insects, a branch of zoology. An Entomologist can study to be certified by completing a program entitled the Associate Certified Entomologist (ACE).

If someone you know has taken an interest in bugs and insects, you may be looking for a fun gift idea for them. Here is a list of many different gift ideas for bug lovers regardless of what bug or insect they enjoy the most. Check out these super fun gift ideas for bug lovers, Entomologists, insect lovers, and bug enthusiasts!

1. Food, Drink, & Snacks

High Protein Cricket Powder

This protein powder is great for anyone who is looking for ways to add more protein to their diet. Simply add of this powder to baked goods, shakes, or any recipe that calls for flour. 

Assorted Flavored Edible Cricket Bites

Cricket bites are a healthy option to your conventional chips or snacks! These bites are roasted and toasted for premium quality, and come in three delicious flavors; cheesy ranch, hickory smoked bacon and buffalo wing sauce. Check out these delicious snacks that make great gift ideas for bug lovers.

Insect Sucker Lollipop Bundle

These insect lollipop would be great for bug loving kids! These suckers come in bright colors and tasty flavors, each one complete with a scorpion, ants, crickets, or worms! Check out these lollipops that would be fun party favors for kids birthday parties!

Erbies Edible Seasoned Mixed Bugs Trail Mix

This trail mix totally changes the way you snack with a healthy seasoned-bug snack alternative. In this mix you will find crickets, grasshoppers, silkworm pupae, and sago worms. These seasoned bugs would make a fun gift idea for bug lovers and enthusiasts.

Worm Bites Roasted Meal Worms Snack Mix

This snack mix contains some delicious roasted American meal worms, that can be purchased in three different flavors. These worms would make a fun gag gift for a bug lover or enthusiast. Check out these yummy roasted meal worms.

2. Bee Keeping Gear & Tools

Bee Proof 3 Layer Total Protection Safety Jacket

If someone you know wants to begin bee keeping, the first thing they should have is the proper protection. While bees are beautiful creatures, they can still be potentially dangerous. Check out this bee proof jacket with removable round veil.

Beekeeping Tool Kit With Hive Smoker & Brush

Once you have the proper safety equipment, you should make sure you have all the tools to properly care for your bees. This beginner’s kit includes a smoker, brushes, uncapping fork, and an entrance feeder.

Beginner’s Bee Keeping Hive & Tool Kit

Here is a great beginner’s kit that is great of you have a kid who would like to enter the world of bee keeping. This little kit would be great for parents to help their kids do, or even for adults who would like to learn the basics of bee keeping.

Bee Castle 8 Frame Wax Coated Bee Hive

If you are ready to begin bee keeping, you should get a good durable bee hive. This hive has 8 frames and is wax coated to protect your bees from the elements. Check out this awesome quality bee hive.

Bee Water Rapid Feeder

Something you should also make sure you have when bee keeping, is a water feeder. This is something you may not find in most bee keeping kits, although it is essential for keeping your bees healthy. Check out this great rapid water feeder for bees.

3. Kid’s Games & Toys

The Ladybug Game Educational Board Game

This cute little ladybug game is great for kids ages 3+, as it teaches memory, numbers, colors, and symbols. If you are looking for something to spark early interest for nature in your kids, we would highly recommend this cute game!

Backyard Bugs Sorting Game For Kids

This cute little game is great for kids ages 3 and up, with the assistance of an adult as it does contain small parts. Check out this cute game that teaches small children how to recognize color and use memory skills.

Kids Insect Exploring Pretend Play Set

This cute little play set is perfect for kids 5+ who are curious about nature and the world around the. This little set includes many little toys such binoculars and a compass, to make them feel like the are doing the real thing!

Ultimate Bugopedia: Kids Bug Reference Book

This book would make a great gift idea for bug loving kids! You can take this book with yo while camping, so your kids can discover all the different kids of insects that they find! This is a fun way to help teach educational values to your children.

Ladybug Kid’s Pillow Pet

Here is a classic toy that is still finding it’s way into children’s hearts today! This cute little ladybug plush can transform into a pillow! This way can kids can take their love for pugs and nature everywhere with them!

Grow-In-Water Foam Insects

These cute little insects are a great way to spend a fun afternoon with your kid! These little foam insect shapes will expand when submerged in water, making a fun hubby for your children!

4. Clothing, Jewelry, & Accessories

Vintage Insect Chart Men’s & Women’s T-Shirt

This t-shirt is a fun gift idea for big lovers, enthusiasts, and Entomologists. This shirt has a vintage design and feel, and show cases many beautiful insects of all kinds. Check out this cool shirt for men and women.

Novelty “The Beetles” T-Shirt

This shirt is a funny gift idea for your bug loving friend or family member. See this funny shirt that takes a spin on the musical band “The Beatles.” Check out this awesome t-shirt for bug lovers and enthusiasts.

Little Golden Bee Earrings 24K Studs

These cute earrings are perfect for bee and bug lovers. These rings are made of real gold and are crafted by hand. Get someone you someone you love these beautiful honeybee earrings.

Crystal Butterfly Silver Tone Necklace

This beautiful necklace would make a beautiful gift idea for your mother, wife, or girlfriend would loves butterfly or insects. Check out this wonderful necklace that would make a heartfelt gift idea.

Men’s Bumble Bee Gold & Black Neck Tie

This neck tie is a cool gift idea for bug enthusiasts or Entomologists. See this cool tie that is elegant and classy, while making a great gift idea for dads, friends, brothers, or teachers. Check out this awesome men’s neck tie.

“Let It Bee” Over Sized Tunic Dress

This cute dress would be a great gift idea for female bee or insect lovers. This dress is super casual and comfy for everyday wear. check out this cute dress for bee lovers!

5. Home & Garden Decor

Hanging Ladybug Wall Decor

These cute little ladybugs would make a great piece of garden decor for the exterior of your home. These colorful ladybugs can be hung onto a wall, or placed in rocks or dirt outdoors. There are made of iron, so they are super durable for outdoor conditions.

Hanging Bamboo Hotel For Butterflies & Bugs

This wooden bug hotel is a cute way to give aid to your local bug friends! You can hang this little house from a tree or stand, and watch as bugs make homes in your own yard. Check out this great piece of garden decor.

Entomology Nature Throw Pillow Decor

This cute throw pillow has a vintage feel that will make your home feel special and unique. This would make a great gift idea for bug enthusiasts and lovers. Check out this neat throw pillow!

Solar Powered Bumble Bee Garden Lights

These adorable bee lights would make quite the statement in your home garden or bushes. This is such as cute way to add your love for insects into your home decor. Check out these adorable bumble be lights.

Unique Butterfly Specimen Home Decor

This piece of wall decor would be great fr anyone who especially loves butterflies of all shapes and colors. This would make a unique gift idea for bug lovers. Check out this cute gift ideas.

6. Entomology Books & Educational Guides

Smithsonian Handbook Of Interesting Insects

This educational book is great for anyone who loves reading and getting information about all kinds of insects and bugs. While this is a more advanced read, this would also be great for older kids and teens who want to learn. Check out out this great handbook about insects.

Innumerable Insects: The Story of the Most Diverse Animals on Earth

This book is great for anyone who wants to know more about some of most incredible insects on the planet. This book is a fun read for anyone who loves nature and bugs!

The Book Of Beetles

This book is great for anyone who is fascinated by beetles and insects. Beetles are some of the most interesting bugs out there and there is so much to learn about them. Check out this awesome book.

Common Spiders Of North America

This is a great book for anyone who wants to know more about spiders in North America. Spiders are very diverse and unique, so this book can help you learn even more about them.

The Beekeeper’s Handbook

If you are interested in bee keeping, can may want to read this book. Here, you will find everything you need to know about the in’s and out’s beekeeping. Check out this great book!