16 Popular Toys Most Hated by Parents

If you are the parent of a young kid, chances are you have encountered a toy or two that has been just really annoying. Unfortunately, despite you hating these toys, your kids probably loved them! Don’t worry, a lot of other parents feel the exact same way. Here is a list of the most toys most hated by parents:

1. Fisher Price Corn Popper

If you are parent or grandparent to a toddler, chances are you have heard the annoying popping noises of this brightly colored toy. This popper is very popular with little kids ages 1-3, as it is a nice way for them to walk around and have fun. But before you know it, they’ll be zooming around giving you a headache!

2. Fisher Price Kids Xylophone

What is that sound? The doorbell? No. It’s your toddler banging against a brightly colored Fisher Price xylophone. If you can get over how annoying it is, it’s actually pretty cute, despite being one of the toys most hated by parents. Consider getting your toddler this cute little instrument, it’s an irritating way to get them to love music!

3. VTech Kids Drum Set

If a xylophone wasn’t bad enough, you could also get your kiddo a drum set! This cute little set can make every annoying noise imaginable, something your toddler is sure to love. Check out this adorable VTech kids drum set.

4. Sesame Street Talking ABC Elmo Doll

Ah, yes, Elmo. Annoying parents since 1980. This lovable doll makes many noises, teaching your kids things like the ABC’s, 123’s, and how to talk in a loud falsetto. Check out this cute little doll that is great for your toddler or kids ages 18 months to 4 years.

5. Kids Animal Sounds Musical Floor Piano

Another great musical instrument for your kids or grand kids, is this floor piano! This piano makes a multitude of animals and musical sounds that will simply drive you nuts! This is a really fun toy for little kids ages 1 to 5 years old, as it will introduce your child to the world of early education.

6. Kids Toy Baseball Set

One minute your kids will be playing a nice game of baseball, the next minute they will be beating each other up with the bat. This is a wonderful gift idea for kids who like baseball or sports. This would make a great outdoor toy for kids ages 1-12, but maybe with some adult supervision….

7. Baby Shark Music & Light Plush

“Baby Shark” has become popular for it’s brightly colored sharks and annoying repetitive tunes. With this cute plush singing toy, you can have both! This is a great gift idea for kids who are obsessed with baby shark, but bad news for any adult who has ever heard the song.

8. Play Doh Creations Play Set

Play Doh is a well loved brand that kids have enjoyed for many years now, but sadly parents still hate it all these years later. Play Doh is messy, crumbs fall everywhere, is smells horrible, and it’s hard to clean. But when played with carefully, (and someone else cleans it up) it can be a great way for your kid to showcase their creativity!

9. Baby Alive Baby Doll

Baby Alive has been a favorite doll brand for many little girls who love to play “mommy.” But unfortunately parents hate them, because it’s exactly like having another kid around the house. That’s right! This baby can eat, drink, and poop like a “real” baby. But kids find this to be pretty fun!

10. Squawking Rubber Chicken

While this rubber chicken is often used as a novelty gift, it is annoying nonetheless. This chicken when squeezed, releases a loud squawking sound that resembles someone who got their foot stepped on. This is very annoying, but on the hand – it can make some pretty funny YouTube videos.

11. Kids Megaphone Multi-Voice Changer

This is truly one of the toys most hated by parents and one of the most annoying toys for kids out there. This little voice synthesizer can change your kids voice into one of the many annoying modifiers. Now, thanks to this little device, you can listen to your kid talk non-stop like a squirrel, robot, ghost, etc. Have fun!

12. Kids Foam Swords

Don’t let the fact that these are made out of foam fool you, these things can be weapons. These swords are actually really fun for kids, especially for anyone who loves to play pretend. But anyone who is around kids can tell you that these swords can become weapons in like 5 minutes.

13. Wooden Paddle Ball Toy

Like the toy above, this is a really fun toy that can quickly turn into a brutal war weapon. This would make a great party favor or toy for a little older kids who can actually figure it out. Hand these out as party favors to kids and see how much parents actually despise them.

14. Tamagotchi Pets Key Chain

Despite being a toy that can teach your kids responsibility and keeping them occupied for like two hours, Tamagotchi pets are really annoying. These little devices will beep in the middle of the night or the least appropriate times to be fed, petted, etc. But hey! The kids love them…

15. Frozen Magical Sing Along Pretend Microphone

FYI, buying this microphone will result in you waking up at 3:00 AM hearing “Let It Go” playing in your kids bedroom. Okay, maybe not at 3:00 AM, but at everyone hour of the day to be sure. This microphone is really fun for kids who love Frozen, and would be a great birthday or Christmas gift idea.

16. Elmer’s Glitter Glue Slime Kit

One of the most annoying and frustrating toys of all time, would be slime. Kids love it, as it has been the fad for a few years now. But slime is messy to make, messy to play with, and hard to clean up. Not to mention if it’s glitter slime (or crunchy slime, ugh). But kids really do love playing with it, making it a great way to occupy them for a few hours a week!