16 Mailman Gifts Ideas & Random Acts of Kindness

 If you have a great mailman, you may be considering getting them a gift, or showing a random act of kindness! As the holiday season approaches each year, we start to think about the people in our lives that help make our everyday activities easier. If this is the case for you, you may be looking for mailman gift ideas.

Important Note: When giving gifts to mail carriers, there are some rules that need to be followed.

According to the USPS website, you cannot give a gift to your mailman that is 20 dollars or more, and no cash or gift cards are allowed. You can see the guidelines on the USPS website.

Continue reading to see our awesome list of creative mailman gift ideas for the holidays, or simply whenever you want to show a random act of kindness. Check out these 16 creative mailman gift ideas that are easy to put together and/or purchase:

Check Out These Fun Mailman Gift Ideas:

Shovel A Path

This unique act of kindness is something your mail carrier will greatly appreciate during the winter season. By simply shoveling your sidewalk, front doorway, or maybe even your neighbor’s sidewalk, you can make their job easier in a simple way!

Mail Box Snacks

This is a fun gift idea that your mailman is sure to love! You can place a small number of snacks (all under $20 value) inside your mailbox, or place a tray of goodies at your front door for the taking. You can leave drinks, baggies of chips or crackers, candy, etc.

Hot Cocoa Dry Mix Jars

Here is a super fun gift idea that is great for wintertime! Take a small mason jar, and combine dry hot cocoa powder, marshmallows, soft mints, etc. Your mailman can now take home their very own hot cocoa kit, that they can take home!

2020 Pandemic Christmas Ornament

Here is a cute little gift idea that is affordable and great for your mail carrier. This would make a simple Christmas gift idea, that you could simply leave in your mailbox, with a card or another small gift such as candy.

Open Finger Gloves

Here is another great wintertime gift idea that would make a perfect Christmas gift. These gloves are great for working with envelopes and packages, giving you a strong grip. This would also be great for family or friends who work in the postal service.

“World’s Okayest Mailman” Funny T-Shirt

This funny t-shirt is great for friends or family in the postal service, or people who genuinely love their mail carrier. This novelty tee would make a great Christmas or even birthday gift. You can also get other shirts like this one, that would make a funny and appreciative gift.

Merino Wool Thermal Outdoor Socks

These socks are perfect for anyone who works in cold weather. Merino wool socks have a warm heavy cushioning that keeps your feet warm and safe in freezing temperatures. Consider giving your mail carrier a pair of these wonderfully warm wool socks!

Black Retro Designer Sunglasses

Sunglasses are super helpful for any mailman, especially on sunny summer days. A pair of sunglasses would be a simple, cheap, and helpful gift for your mail carrier. Check out this fashionable designer pair of sunglasses.

HotHands Insole Foot Warmers

This is another great gift idea for your mailman during the winter season. These warmers can be placed in the sole of your shoes to keep your feet warm. You can also place these warmers in your pockets to keep your hands warm. This is a great gift idea to keep your mail carrier safe and warm.

Behind The Head Winter Ear Muffs

Earmuffs are another great gift idea to keep your mailman safe and warm this winter. These earmuffs are the “behind the head” style and are made with warm black fleece. These muffs are one size fits all, have full ear coverage and stretches to make the perfect fit.

Funny Postal Worker Coffee Mug

This funny coffee mug would make a simple gift idea for your favorite mail carrier. This would make a great Christmas gift, or just to say thanks! Share some appreciation and humor by gifting this hilarious coffee cup.

“It’s All Fun & Games” Funny Mailman T-Shirt

This t-shirt is another fun gift idea your mailman is sure to love. This would also make a relatable gift idea for your mail carrier co-worker, boss, friend, or family member. Check out this funny mailman t-shirt gift idea.

LED Headlamp Fleece Beanie Cap

This fleece LED beanie cap is a great gift idea for mailmen who sometimes have to work at night or in bad weather. This cap has a battery-powered LED flashlight on the front that shines a bright light that makes working at night so much easier.

HotPod Hand Warmer & USB Phone Charger

Check out this handy gift idea! This small device can help you warm up your hands on cold winter days, and double as a charger for your phone. Hot Pod would be a greatly appreciated gift idea for your mail carrier.

“Okayest Mailman” Galaxy Mail Phone Case

This funny phone case is another fun gift idea for your mail carrier. This phone case is specifically for a Samsung Galaxy s8, but you can find it in many styles. Check out this fun phone case for your mail carrier!

“Postal Workers” USPS Face Mask

This face mask is a fun gift idea for your mailman. Giving inspiring gifts like this mask, are a great way to say thank you and show appreciation. Check out this fun postal worker face mask for your mailman or mail-woman!